A Landscape Unique

Mark White’s no stranger to working on metal – after all, his renowned kinetic wind sculptures are constructed of copper, stainless steel, and at one point, aluminum; this last material is his preferred surface for the following patina-on-metal paintings.

kinetic wind sculptures

Mark White, Prairie Tree I, 12″ x 24″, Patina on engraved aluminum panel

Mark selects smooth aluminum panels, custom-cuts them to his desired dimensions, then uses industrial engraving tools to achieve incredible, multi-dimensional effects that shimmer across the work’s surface. The visual effect is disarmingly kinetic, in that the colors and light seem to move across the surface of the painting in an animated, glistening way.

Mark White’s Prairie Light III

Mark White, Prairie Light III, 24″ x 24″, Patina on engraved aluminum panel

In works like Prairie Light III, [see above] White’s meticulously rendered lower grass border seems to actually waver and shift before our very eyes, mimicking the breezy rush of wind through autumn’s russet grasses.

Mark White’s beach sketch

Mark White, A Distant Shore, 12″ x 24″, Patina on engraved aluminum panel

Annual trips to Malibu are veritable meccas for White, who spends ours on the beach sketching the shoreline — a decided departure from the rich colors but arid climes of the artist’s Santa Fe home. Mark’s newest works, A Distant Shore, above, and Silver Dawn, below, were inspired not by Southern California however, but in fact by Southern Florida. An October venture to the sunshine state provided Mark with a fresh – and Atlantic! – interpretation of the ocean.

Mark White’s Newest Works

Mark White. Silver Dawn, 16″ x 48″, Patina on engraved aluminum panel

Billowing clouds glint and gleam in the light, interrupted by a brilliant orange horizon line in the middle, and finally the lazy stretch of waves below.

If you’d like to see more examples of these exceptional paintings, please contact the gallery directly at 505-490-6440, or email us at info@markwhitefineart.com. We would be thrilled to send you brief videos as well of these special paintigs “in action!”