A Rose by Any Other Name

Many of our kinetic sculptures have names that reference flowers. Given their gentle, swaying motion in the wind, they naturally recall breeze-blown flowers. We thought we’d see just how similar the kinetic model is to the flower it’s named for:

The classic purple iris

Our interpretation of an iris!

A pale lily in bloom

Mark White’s Blooming Lily moves with balletic grace!

A red rose – is anything more symbolic of romance?

Here’s Mark White’s interpretation of the rose: pared-down, but still evocative of the many-petaled flower.

A poppy bud about to burst.

Mark White’s poppy is simple and pretty.

The mighty dahlia!

This interpretation of the dahlia features dense layers of red and verdigris petals.

ok, this isn’t a flower, but you can’t help but see the resemblance between a flickering flame and Mark’s sculpture of the same name…

Our “Flame” sculpture is clearly named well…!

A golden jellyfish

…and Mark White’s red version of a jellyfish!