A Sense of Place | Matthew Higginbotham

There is a majesty about the land. From open prairies to thick woods each place has its own character and feel; colors and energies that make it unique. Capturing the distinction and conveying the varied forms of beauty are difficult tasks for many artists, but that is what Matthew Higginbotham has dedicated himself to in his art.

Higginbotham seeks out the unique character of each location and seeks to impart a sense of it on the canvas. Each piece is a celebration of the place that inspired it, full of the color and life that was present at the time of his visit; a scene preserved for generations to come.

Here at Mark White Fine Art we’re proud to bring you Higginbotham’s latest landscapes in his one-man exhibition, A Sense of Place, from July 24 through August 6. In addition there will be an opportunity to learn more from the artist himself during his artist demonstration and lecture on Saturday July 28 from 3-5 pm. To reserve your seat for the lecture please call 505-982-2073.  

To see all of the works in Matthew Higginbotham’s ‘A Sense of Place’ click here.  


One thing that’s immediately apparent in every Higginbotham painting is the reverence he holds for the land. Each nuance and brushstroke is his way of giving voice to it, and of conveying the energy and spirit of a place.

Whether it’s the way he captures the vivid colors of the world, or the way light fills the canvas and gives the land a glow, one immediately gets the sense of being there, and of experiencing the love that he has for the world around us.

Opus of Trees – Matthew Higginbotham

Chama Canyon – Matthew Higginbotham


In addition to portraying the essence of the land as he sees it, Higginbotham also seeks to grow as an artist through his work. He regularly adds new inspiration and techniques as he refines his style and desire to convey the wonders of the landscapes that he paints.

Things to look for in his newest works include a focus on the details of a composition. Instead of an open scene several works feature more intimate views of trees, bushes and reflections. In addition he has sought to include more movement in his works, with some brushstrokes looser and others controlled almost to an impressionist pointillism that blurs the line between impressionism and abstraction.

Preview Matthew Higginbotham’s ‘A Sense of Place’ here, and call 505-982-2073 to reserve your seat for the artist lecture and demonstration on Saturday July 28.