Art For The New Year

Art For The New Year

In the Wetland – Triptych  – Suzanne Donazetti

The New Year is a time of fresh beginnings. Many people take the opportunity of a new calendar to reflect on their lives and resolve to make positive changes to themselves and their surroundings. From setting grand goals to establishing a new daily habit, the range of possibilities is endless.

For those who have made it their mission to experience more art in the new year, several of our artists have been hard at work to help make it happen. Mark White, Marshall Noice, Matthew Higginbotham, Suzanne Donazetti and David Meredith have all introduced new pieces lately.


Mark White’ Ripple series


Mark White has introduced several series over the past several months. His newest, the Ripple series, features abstracted reflections on bodies of water. In addition he also recently released a number of landscapes focusing on skies and expansive scenes. From oceanscapes to the seemingly endless land of the southwest these pieces showcase the beauty of the world around us.


Marshall Noice’s latest pieces strive for added nuance in the broad range of bold colors. Hues blend and merge, fading from one to another as the energy surrounding a place deepens. Focused on the emotion of a place rather than the reality, the increasing palette offers audiences the chance to explore their own feelings about a work on an even deeper level, and offer more opportunity to connect to what Noice was feeling as well.

Marshall Noice’s latest pieces
Matthew Higginbotham’s latest works


Matthew Higginbotham’s latest works almost radiate serenity. Soothing greens welcome audiences to stroll among the trees, and the vibrant yellow of blooming chamisa has an energy that invites reflection. Meanwhile the blues and pinks of a New Mexico sunset showcase the endless skies that so many love about the southwest.


Many of Suzanne Donazetti’s recent works are inspired by wetlands and forests. Gentle greens and soothing blues are reminiscent of trees and streams. Bold reds and oranges showcase the colors of the sky over these serene places, a feeling that she tries to portray in each of her woven copper paintings.

Woven copper paintings
David Meredith Arts


David Meredith’s Watching is a popular piece, and now he’s made it available as a monumental size. With bold coloring and an intense gaze, it’s a grand homage to the rabbit’s it’s based on and sure to spark conversation.

With so many new works by these varied artists, meeting the goal of adding more art to your life is even easier.

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