Art In The Garden – Mark White Fine Art Prepares For The Paint Out And Sculpt Out

Art In The Garden

Canyon Road is transformed one Saturday every October for the Paint Out and Sculpt Out. It becomes a place not just to see some of the best art that Santa Fe has to offer, but it is also the studio as artists take up the tools of their craft in the beautiful fall weather of Santa Fe. Creators from across the spectrum, from painters to sculptors, glass blowers to mixed-media artists, come out to showcase how they work in a way that audiences rarely see.

While this is always a favorite event for us, this year it takes on added excitement as five of our new artists will join us for the day. They will take their places amid Mark’s kinetic sculptures and create in the calming atmosphere of the sculpture garden.

Mark White Artists In The Paint Out and Sculpt Out

Marshall Noice & Matthew Higginbotham painting

Marshall Noice and Matthew Higginbotham painting together in 2016.


Marshall Noice captures the mood of the land in his vibrant landscape paintings. Vivid colors speak not to the reality of a place, but to the energy of the moment.


There is an ethereal note to Matthew Higginbotham’s landscape paintings. By mixing oils into his paints he is able to create a natural glow in each of his works.


Audiences can almost feel the thundering hoofbeats and smell the rising dust from the herds that travel Andree Hudson’s canvas. True to life musculature gives all of her subjects a lifelike feel and vibrant color provides a sense of power.


Suzanne Donazetti’s works are part painting, part sculpture. She first paints abstracted landscapes on separate sheets of copper, then cuts the sheets into strips which are then woven together into pieces that ripple and swirl.


Movement and form communicates emotion, and Richard Pankratz fully captures this in his emotional sculptures.

Join us Saturday October 21 for the Canyon Road Paint Out and Sculpt Out.

Marshall Noice and Andre Hudson

Marshall Noice and Andre Hudson 2014.