Small Town Sunset

small town sunset

Enchanting Lands | Matthew Higginbotham

There is a magic about the land; in the way the colors mingle and in how the light pours over the earth. What seems ordinary one day can become extraordinary the next as seasons change or as one simply looks at a scene with new eyes. In every direction there are a multitude of stunning sights to behold, for those willing to look for them.

For Matthew Higginbotham, these views are what fuels his creativity. In each of his stunning landscapes he seeks to convey the beauty of the moment, and the majesty of the world. Every painting is an homage to the scene that inspired it, be it a single bush or the rise of a city in the distance.

A Piece of the World

One of the goals of Higginbotham’s work is to give viewers a sense of the landscape around the view on the canvas. He accomplishes this by finding visually interesting compositions as his subject. By staying true to the colors and feel of the moment, one gets a feeling of the broader world around that depicted, that one is seeing just a small piece of the vastness of nature.

Higgibotham’s newest works, on display now as part of his one-man exhibition, A Sense of Place, continue in this tradition of highlighting the beauty of nature. From wide vistas and stunning sunsets, to thick foliage and soft chamisas there is no end to the sources of inspiration.

See Matthew Higginbotham’s newest works during A Sense of Place, through August 6.

Walk Among the Aspens II

Walk Among the Aspens II