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Cubelinear – Dove Tailing I

Mark White Sculptures

There is a balance to minimalism, a delicate tipping point where an idea can be instantly recognized and yet stripped of extraneous information. Yet this is the point where several of Mark White’s works reside; sculptures that call out to audiences in their ability to convey a message while allowing the viewer to imagine the greater world around it.

Whether focusing on the shared understanding of human experience, or sharing a simpler tale, Mark brings his same artistic vision to two sculpture series, each telling their own stories.

See the ‘We’ and ‘Cubelinear’ series on his sculpture page.

We – Acrobatic

Mark’s We Series

We Series

Stories can be told in the simplicity of pose. A lean against another person symbolizes trust, while confidence and equanimity can be conveyed when two stand together. Sometimes an idea pays homage to something that’s seeped into the culture, or reflects more abstract ideas.

All this and more can be found in Mark’s We series. Lengths of steel are transformed under White’s hand as he bends them from simple lines to the familiar shapes of people. Some of the works speak of simple pleasures, like the joy of performance in ‘We – Acrobatic,’ while others such as ‘We – One Step At A Time’ evoke a sense of daily struggle.

Cubelinear Series

Where the We series speaks to the shared experience of man, the Cubelinear series delves into the simplicities of intersection and form. Steel once again takes center stage as White cuts and forms square tubes into unexpected shapes.

There is a feel of fun experimentation in some of the works, as in ‘Extruding,’ while other pieces such as ‘The Other Square Wheel’ have a sense of exacting demand. Then there are the sculptures that give a sense of unity in how multiple parts join, such as ‘Cubelinear Dove Tailing I’ or ‘Mitosis.’ Each one is a bold expression of a simple idea, designed to draw the eye and spark the imagination.

Find what stories these minimalistic sculptures evoke for yourself on Mark’s sculpture page.

Cubelinear – The Other Square Wheel