Illuminating Magic | Suzanne Donazetti

Illuminating Magic

Dawn and dusk. Both are stunning gifts of nature, given freely every day. They capture the imagination and fuel the spirit. Everybody has a memory of one or the other, or both; of a time when the sky was filled with pastel hues and pink washed over the land. The feeling is so strong it’s almost as if the memory exists in the shared unconsciousness of mankind itself. And, just as with memories, they cause all to pause and reflect.

Just as the changing skies cause people to slow down and appreciate their surroundings, or bring a sense of nostalgia, the sunrise and the sunset also fuel artists. Each one is unique, and those who are awed by them know that their beauty must be captured in the moment before the memory is displaced by the next.

It is these iconic impressions of a pastel sky that have fueled Suzanne Donazetti’s latest pieces.  Each one takes on the characteristics of the changing sky, and captures in her own unique way the shared understanding of how beautiful these natural gifts are.


Illuminating Magic


Three Suns follows the path of the sun as it rises, sets, then rises again to complete the cycle. It’s path is a gentle reminder that a new day will always break and bring with it fresh beginnings.


In the gentle moments before dawn the landscape is filled with the gentle hues of pink, blue and lilac. Twilight captures this feel, coloring the world and hinting at the approaching dawn.

Suzanne Donazetti’s Twilight Painting
Suzanne Donazetti’s Sunrise Painting


The sun bursts over the horizon, and the colors of the world are born anew in Sunrise. Each hue is more vivid in those early seconds of day, filled with a clarity all their own.


Vibrant tones of blue and magenta fill the sky in the moments before Sunset as the sun paints the world in hues as if to present a gift of hope to its inhabitants.

Suzanne Donazetti’s Sunset Painting
Suzanne Donazetti’s Dusk Painting


Shadows creep across the land at Dusk and only the most vibrant of colors stand out, yet they still carry with them the promise of a new day and strive to be seen until the world around them is swathed in the cloak of night.

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