In His Own Words | Mark White on KSFR

Mark White on KSFR

With the gently moving kinetic sculpture and soothing gardens, Mark White Fine Art has been an iconic location along Canyon Road since it opened. Visitors from both near and far come in to enjoy the peaceful ambiance and spend time reflecting on the art.

However there is more that goes into a gallery than just the art. It takes dedication and passion from the founders. For those who would like to delve deeper into the gallery, its history, and its future, Mark White recently sat down with KSFR’s John Shannon to discuss just those topics.


Mark’s Path As An Artist

Although Mark is now a successful artist and gallerist on Canyon Road, his path was not a straight one. In the interview he discusses his lifelong passion for art, and the wandering path he took to achieve his dream.

The Founding Of Mark White Fine Art

One of the topics of the interview revolves around the founding of the gallery. Mark discusses how the economic recession of 2008 impacted the world of fine art, and how he was left with the decision to either pave his own path or make difficult choices about the ongoing viability of his art.

Mark’s Plan For Staying Relevant In The Digital Age

Even as Mark White Fine Art remains a vibrant place on Canyon Road, Mark knows that the world is evolving. He details some of the challenges that lie ahead for all artists and galleries as the selling of fine art changes, and hints at some of the plans that the gallery is already exploring in order to stay relevant for years to come.