Let it SNOW – Our Kinetic Wind Sculptures Love Cold Weather!!

Brrrrrr, baby, it’s getting cold outside…!

For many full-time Santa Fe residents, winter is the very best season. Take a look at our view of Canyon Road last January:

Outdoor Kinetic Wind Sculpture

Pretty enchanting, right?!

One of our gallery’s most common questions goes something like this: “How the HECK will this thing hold up in the snow??” Our clients come from all over — from Switzerland to Portugal — and we want each and every one to rest assured that we’ve got you covered even in wintry climes.

Mark White’s Wind Ripples 12 kinetic sculpture

Mark White’s Wind Ripples 12 kinetic sculpture in Red patina — with a sugary snow coating!

Santa Fe is located about 7,500 feet about sea level, and depending on how the Gods of Winter are feeling, we can get plenty of snowfall in our coldest months. Typically, our kinetics are just fine outdoors; we leave them out for the duration of the season – really, we do!

Mark’s lovely Counter-Revolving Iris sculpture

Here is Mark’s lovely Counter-Revolving Iris sculpture in verdigris – with a generous covering of snow.

We like to say that YOU know your environment the best; if you know a huge storm is coming, you can very easily remove your sculpture, pole and all, from the supporting ground rod (the heavy steel rod that gets inserted into the earth and acts as your sculpture’s “anchor”) and put the whole kit ‘n’ caboodle in the garage for the duration of the storm. This can be helpful too for those folks who travel during the winters or are worried about leaving a sculpture outside during an extended vacation.

Orange Fusion patina

Our Orange Fusion patina 30″ Trancer with a nice snowy topping.

The bottom line? Don’t be afraid to leave your sculpture out in the cold!

Canyon Road sculpture garden

Our Canyon Road sculpture garden turns into a Winter Wonderland come December

Kinetic Wind Sculptures

More snowy sculptures

Kinetic Wind Sculptures

Let it snow!