Place Your Bids | The Mark White Fine Art 2018


Auctions are a staple of the art world. They are how famous works are transferred, how beginning artists get their first taste of success, and at all levels in between. Here at Mark White Fine Art we also adhere to this tradition with an annual art auction. Featuring works from many of our artists it’s an ideal way to either begin or add to an art collection.

How To Bid

The auction begins this year on Saturday January 27, at 10am, and lasts until 4pm on Saturday February 3. The included works can all be found from the links on the auction page, with prices and bidding increments in the information box accompanying each piece. Paintings start at 40% off and sculpture starts at 25% off.

For those who would rather not take the chance of losing their preferred piece there is also a ‘Buy It Now’ option on each work.

Bids will be accepted by phone at (505) 490-6440. When calling please be prepared to provide such details as your name, credit card information as well as a contact phone number so that you can be contacted in the event that you are outbid or win.



The colorful kinetic works that greet visitors in the garden along Canyon Road are one of the hallmarks of the gallery, and no auction would be complete without them. Mark has selected three sculptures to include this year.


In addition to his kinetics, Mark White also has several paintings included in the auction. Ranging from the reflective abstracts to landscapes and more there is a good variety for those with diverse tastes.


Vibrant colors meant to evoke emotion are a staple of Marshall Noice’s work. His vivid landscape paintings capture the mood of a place rather than the reality of it. For the auction he is including a mix of both oil and pastel works.


Matthew Higginbotham’s paintings showcase the beauty of nature. Each one focuses on the energy of a place and offers audiences a glimpse into the magic of each location. He’s included works that span the seasons and time of day for those who want to bring a piece of nature indoors.


Suzanne Donazetti’s work is part abstract painting and part sculpture. She paints abstracted views of the landscape on side-by-side sheets of copper, cuts the metal into strips and weaves them together for a piece that bends and curves. She’s selected pieces that feature a range of subjects and palettes for the auction.


Andree Hudson is known for her powerful and true-to-life musculature. Utilizing pose and vivid colors that contrast the movement of her subjects she gives each piece an energy all its own. It’s almost possible to hear the thunder of hooves or sense the calm in the room just from a single glance. She’s including a mix of both animal and portrait pieces.


Nnamdi Okonkwo uses full figures to embody the fullness of life. Women in expressive poses convey a range of emotion, from joy to friendship, love to celebration. Okonkwo has included two pieces in the auction, each with a theme of togetherness.


There is a whimsical quality to the animal sculptures of Chris Deverill. Each one takes a familiar animal and combines it with an emotion. The results invite audiences to see both the emotions and animals in a different light as they see how the same moods are universal.


David Meredith showcases the natural world in his animal sculpture. Each piece showcases the personality of his subject through pose and expression. He has selected two pieces for the auction, each focused on a different aspect of an animal’s life.

Preview the available auction pieces here, and call 505)982-2073 to place your bid.