Ripples | New Paintings By Mark White

New Paintings By Mark White

Soft Waves of Light I

Mark White is a renaissance man, working in a variety of media to create both paintings and sculpture. He melds steel, aluminum and copper as easily as he recreates visions in oil on panel, and is constantly expanding his repertoire. From his gently moving kinetic sculpture, to the ‘We’ series that offers a reflection of humanity, to the diverse selections of paintings and engraved metals, his inspiration seems as boundless as his skill.

Recently Mark has been working on a series of new paintings. At once both abstract and engaging they depict scenes of rippling water and reflections. Each one invites audiences to not only contemplate the work, but their own interpretation of it.


A Place Out Of Time

Soft colors are a hallmark of the new ripple series. Featuring calming blues as the base, the other colors lend themselves to the soothing nature of the pieces. Each shade gives a sense of time, with oranges and yellows making one think of the warmth of fall, while greens and vibrant hues lead one to the growth of spring and summer.

The play in the ripples also add their own character, the higher energy in pieces such as Blue Ripples III or Ripple Rhythms I give the impression of a breeze moving along the water and blending the scenery like a kaleidoscope. On the other hand, in pieces like Soft Waves of Light I one can almost make out the shape of the trees.

No matter which colors or energy, there is a sense of serenity when looking at the new paintings.  One can envision sitting beside the shore on a warm day listening to the sounds of nature, smelling the moisture saturating the air and feel the cool breeze coming off the water. Looking from one work to another there is a feeling that the seasons are passing in oil, and it’s easy to imagine returning to a scenic place throughout the year to watch the days go by in the gentle motion of the water.

Places Of The Mind

While the colors and reflections give the Ripple series a sense of place, at the same time they tease the mind like abstract pieces. The indistinct nature of the world allows a person to envision what they will and find their own meaning in the work much in the same way that other abstract works invite each person to come to their own interpretation.

No matter which you see, the serenity of the waterfront, or an abstract piece that teases the mind, Mark White has once more delivered a series that showcases his skill at creating whatever he puts his mind to.


Mark White’s New ‘RIPPLE’ Series

Blue Ripples III