Suzanne Donazetti Brings Her Woven Copper Paintings To Mark White Fine Art

Shadow Whispers Triptych

Shadow Whispers Triptych

Many painters have layers to their art. Colors and hues peek out from under those above and provide depth to the work. But few paintings have added dimension from the canvas itself. It is a unique element to the painted and woven copper works of Suzanne Donazetti. Each piece offers audiences two glimpses of the world, and they are left wondering which is the real and which is the illusion.

See Suzanne Donazetti’s work on her artist page.

Donazetti is inspired by the land, and her works reflect areas near her home in Carrizozo such as the Malpais. She also recently added scenes from the Pacific Northwest, where she has family. With each piece she aims to preserve the beauty as it is now, so that future generations can look back and see the same things she did.

Once she’s chosen her landscape Donazetti creates her pieces by first painting side-by-side pieces of copper. She layers acrylics, inks and powdered pigments onto the metal, keeping in mind how the finished works will look once combined. After the paint has dried she cuts the copper canvasses into strips and weaves them together to create a single piece that curves and bends.


We’re excited that Donazetti will be joining us for the Canyon Road Paint Out and Sculpt Out. It’s a fantastic way for visitors to see her unique process live and to ask questions about her and her work. Stop by on Saturday October 21 to take advantage of this opportunity and to see all of her works in the gallery.

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