Talk About a Big Catch! Mark White Reels in Cover of Santa Fean Magazine

We here at Mark White Fine Art received the latest batch of mail with unusual excitement, because it contained the latest issue of the Santa Fean! Now don’t get us wrong – the publication always pleases – but we couldn’t help gushing over the staff’s decision to feature a work from Mark White’s Koi painting series on its June/July cover!

Mark White’s Pairing Up

One fish, two fish… Featured on the cover is Mark White’s Pairing Up, 12″ x 24″, patina on engraved aluminum.

Mark White’s Golden Pairs

Inside the magazine, Golden Pair, a recently sold metal painting by Mark, is gorgeously featured, alongside a lovely write-up by Lisa Van Sickle.

We’ve got more paintings available from this series, and we’d love to share information about them with you! Don’t hesitate to reach out at, or give us a call at 505-490-6440.