Three Beautiful Ways to Incorporate Artwork and Make a Statement

Artwork has the power to turn a bland house into a chic, welcoming home. However, there are many people who get intimidated by the thought of decorating their home effectively. Thankfully, there are so many amazing ways to effectively create a stunning look. Consider the following ways you can incorporate artwork into your home.

Gallery Wall

Find the largest wall in your living room. You can use that wall as the area where you’ll create your gallery wall. You can use a mix of artwork to fill the gallery wall. To make things fun, you can even add some framed photos of your family members and friends. Before you begin to create holes in the wall to hang your original artwork, create a mock version of the gallery wall on the floor in front of the wall. Make sure you have the right measurements.


Visit your local thrift store to find inexpensive sculptures. If they look dated or cheap, you can dip them in an interesting paint color like neon green or cobalt blue. This will be a piece of artwork you helped to create. Plus, it can easily serve as a conversational piece. You can also find sculptures by incredible artists like Nnamdi Okonkwo. When you have a sculpture in your home by an artist like Nnamdi Okonkwo, it’ll serve as its own conversational piece as well.


Depending on the wallpaper you choose, it can easily serve as its own form of artwork. You can add the wallpaper to a smaller wall to add interest and depth. You can also opt to add the wallpaper to the ceiling. When you look up, you’ll realize that you’re literally surrounded by beauty at every turn.

If you feel as though you don’t have an artistic eye, consider reaching out to one of your friends who knows how to decorate. However, it’s okay to do your own research and develop your own sense of style. The beautiful thing about art is that you can create your own interpretation. Because it’s your expression, it can’t be judged.