Tidbit of History from the Netherlands!

A red Iris in a Dutch garden

A red Iris in a Dutch garden!

Our customers are the best in the world – in this case, quite literally! Rob from the Netherlands sent us the above picture of his newly installed kinetic Iris sculpture, and he gave us a history lesson too!

I promised to send you a picture of the kinetic sculpture Iris you sold us in November 2013.

Well, here she is, in our garden in Milsbeek, the Netherlands. She feels at home and happy  and as we live close to Germany she is at least bilingual. Her Dutch is fluent and her German is on a high level. She is not forgetting her American native language, but it is getting a bit rusty. In the background you see a herd of cows and a hill. Behind that hill is Germany. About one mile from here is the place where on the 17th of September 1944 the 82nd Airborne Division under the command of General James Gavin landed. It is a historical place. I went to that place often when I worked as a guide in the nearby National Liberation Museum in Groesbeek, to show this site to visiting Americans.This is the place where operation Market Garden started…many Americans died during this operation. Among them were 48 soldiers who were killed when crossing the Waal river near Nijmegen´ about 9 miles from here, in canvas boats under heavy German fire. It was a very courageous operation. We now have an impressive monument that reminds us of these brave man. In 2013 a new bridge over the Waal river was opened. It is called ‘de Oversteek’. In English: “the Crossing.” Special about this bridge is the lighting. It has 48 lamp-posts. Each and every night they are lit two by two in the tempo of a slow march, to commemorate those fallen 48 Americans, who came all the way from the US to liberate our country. After those 48 lamp-posts are lit, the rest of the lights in town are switched on. 

Kindly, Rob P.

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