Warp and Weft | Suzanne Donazetti

Illuminating Magic

Visit to the Planet with Three Suns

Everything in this world is connected. The sun nourishes the trees and grass, the wind blows the pollen and seeds, the earth gives them a place to grow and the water helps them to flourish. Like a finely woven cloth, everything is woven together in a vibrant tapestry of life.

This same delicate weaving also shows in the art of Suzanne Donazetti, who paints abstracted landscapes on side-by-side sheets of copper before cutting the metal into strips and weaving the two distinct works into a single piece. Her woven paintings, which aim to capture the beauty of the land and preserve its beauty for all to see, also rely on the interplay of the paint, metal, light and shadow to showcase a place that is as vibrant as the world around us.

From the green of trees reaching to a golden sky in Jade, to the reflections of a rich canopy in Blue Lagoon, to the wondrous landscape of the imagination in Visit to the Planet with Three Suns, each painting uses the warp and weft of the weaving alongside the color to tell the story of a place and time. They invite viewers to explore how things are woven not only in her works, but in the world around them, and to discover their own place in the tapestry of life.

Come see Suzanne Donazetti’s newest works during her one-woman exhibition, Transitions, through June 4, 2018 at the gallery or on her artist page.