Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of conditions do I need for these garden lanterns?
The Garden Lanterns are safe for outdoor use in all climates and seasons.

What type of bulbs and transformer do I need to use?
All Garden Lanterns come with a warm, white LED bulb. These lanterns are low 12 volt landscape lighting and you do need to use/have a transformer. Low voltage landscape transformers are available at any Lowe’s, Home Depot, Amazon for approximately $40. Click HERE to view one available for $39.99 on Amazon.

I’m not very technically gifted…will I be able to install a garden lantern by myself or do I need to hire someone to help me?
Please visit our Garden Lantern INSTRUCTIONS page to view our installation documentation.

Will the patina change or fade over time?
The lantern will arrive as raw steel without any significant patina and will naturally rust once exposed to the environment in its new home.  Each lantern rusts in a unique way and may rust faster or slower depending on a variety of environmental factors such as humidity, salinity, time of year, and exposure to rain.  We advise not chemically rushing this process and instead let your environment naturally create the unique patina as the piece becomes an extension of the natural environment which it calls home.

How often do I need to replace the bulb?
Approximately every 5 years.

Where are these sculptures manufactured?
Made 100% in America, using only the highest quality and domestically sourced materials. We assemble each lantern by hand in our cozy Lincoln, Nebraska studio, meticulously verifying a high standard of quality exists on each piece before it ships to its new home.

What happens if my garden lantern needs to be repaired?
For any questions regarding repairs, please reach out to us at

What is the approximate diameter of the output of light for all the different height models?
The output is square shaped and the approximate diameter of light is as follows; 2ft – 26 inches, 3ft – 40 inches, 4ft – 54 inches