We received the new post for our wind sculpture yesterday and installed it in our backyard. It is stunning and looks great with our other sculpture. Thought you would enjoy the short video of both of them in the wind with our Border Collie, Rory, supervising. Many thanks for all your assistance. We are absolutely delighted with our purchase!


Tango is a great new offering and it is now my favorite of the five pieces of yours that I own.

My wife and I have walked Canyon Rd many times and have admired Mark White’s wind sculptures wishing we had an outdoor space for one.  We have moved and the outdoor space we now have screamed for some piece of art, we immediately thought of Mark White. We are so very pleased with the end product, it is beautiful and tranquil. We placed our order through the internet which was so easy, including having a virtual placement provided.  Excellent service. 

“It is a beautiful addition to our backyard & we absolutely love it.” – Evelyn Krushe


The “Tango” is absolutely wonderful! Now I will start saving up for a “Blooming Lily 2”. An extremely happy customer here!!!

“Your concept is fabulous and the execution perfect.” -Martin


The kinetic wind sculpture is perfect for the space. Assembly was easy. We love it.

“Our sculpture (Blooming Lily 2 – large) arrived and it’s beautiful. The blue finish is wonderful.” – Robert Towne

We purchased this sculpture from your wonderful location in Santa Fe many years ago.  It stands watch over Mt Rainier and Puget Sound from our deck near Seattle.  Vashon Island, WA


“I want to take this opportunity to thank both of you for your amazing customer service.  We love these kinetic sculptures.  This one was a gift to ourselves for our 40th anniversary (4 1/2 years ago), and then 2 years ago we bought another Iris for our daughter and son-in-law on the occasion of their first child being born. That one also has two verdigris components and a polished third one representing the baby!  Looking forward to the day when we can return safely to Santa Fe to visit in person – and maybe acquire another one!” – Bob Merion

Mark & family, Tango has arrived and has been successfully installed off our rear patio. Could not be happier, absolutely beautiful. Thank you for sharing your gift of talent and craftsmanship with us. – D & D Edwards

“We got this sculpture from you 12yrs ago and still love it. We have had so many comments on it over the years and it just looks and gets better with age.” – Gary Clark

The sculpture is lovely in any weather. The wings are so delicate, even covered in snow. 


We think the wind sculpture is beautiful and fits perfectly to our location. You can tell it is very high quality construction.


We received the replacement parts and have repaired our “Ballerina.” Thank you for sending the parts needed-with your help we are returning to normal. 

All came and is well and we’re so pleased.  It’s mesmerizing.  The best comment when I posted to my own FB was “It looks so welcoming, like arms reaching out and bringing in a hug.”  My mom gave the greatest hugs… and that it was in memory of her and my dad… 
To me, fine art captures a critical essence of human life and captures it such that the viewer connects and relates to it in a deeply personal way.  We all see different things in a picture or a sculpture, but relate to it personally. Tango really is such a joyful, yet peaceful work of art. Blessings, Meredith 

A stainless steel Orb 12 installed in Northeast Florida.

“A breath of fresh air on a snowy, cold Alberta morning. We just love our Blooming Lily 2 sculpture…thanks so much!” – Doug & Maureen B., Alberta, Canada

“Dear Mr. White, Just wanted to tell you how much we have enjoyed your work over the years. We bought our sculpture 15 years ago and recently took it with us to the retirement home we moved into two years ago – Everyone who has seen it comments on how beautiful it is. Thank you!”

– Don R., Denver, Colorado

The Iris sculpture is somewhat subdued, calm, while Tango has the rhythm of dance, at least in my mind. I’ve come to anticipate the revolution sequences, which I can watch for quite some time. – Bob Grimes

On Easter morning we had these two moose in our yard admiring our wind sculpture…even our wildlife admire Mark’s art! – Jeff in Colorado

“Just wanted to thank you again and let you know I am enjoying my Orb 6 Blade sculpture very much.” – Jose M., Mexico City, Mexico

“We were in Santa Fe this past August for the month. All over town we say your wonderful ‘art in motion’ sculptures. We had to have one. We have a small Iris in stainless steel which is located just outside our back screen porch overlooking a golf course and water in Florida. Our guests have found it fascinating. Thank you for creating such a unique ‘windmill’!”

– Elizabeth and Art N., Fort Lauderdale, Florida

“Love our Iris sculpture!” – Nancy M., Little Rock, Arkansas

“Love our wind sculptures and they get so many compliments!” – Dick & Helen H., Prescott, Arizona

“Here’s some shots of my new Iris. Love it. Now all I need is wind…trying to teach the dog how to blow on it but it’s a no-go so far.” – Ned T., Northern Virginia

The Iris is awesome. It is perfect for my garden. It brings all the other elements into harmony and since we almost always have wind it is constantly in motion–sometimes gentle, sometimes lively. – Charlotte C., San Francisco, CA

“Please let Mark know how pleased we are with our Blooming Lily 2 sculpture! Everyone who sees it really thinks it is lovely and graceful!” – Linda Wong, Long Beach, CA

“I have been waiting for a good sunset to share a picture and last night was certainly very good!” – Larry F., Littleton, Colorado

“Could not be more pleased with our gorgeous Blooming Lily 3!!!”– Robert B., Lamy, New Mexico

The Boyers with their Blooming Lily 2 (and an adorable pup!) – Corrales, New Mexico

“We love our Orb 6, it looks great on the ranch!” – Ron P., Fort Laramie, Wyoming


They brighten our day watching them turn in the wind as the fall turns our yard cold and gray.
Rachel Bunin

“Our outdoor spaces are the best part of where we live, and our sculpture completes the picture. It’s in the perfect spot where we can watch it spin for hours, and it does in even the slightest breeze. We’re so happy we purchased it and are already thinking about where we will put the next one.” – Marianne Curtis

‘We love our new sculpture – a beautiful enhancement to our yard! – Barb & Erik, Denver

The wind sculpture looks amazing – even better in person!  It is a wonderful addition to the new Healing Garden in our Cancer Care Institute.  It really is the crown on this beautiful spot for our patients, caregivers and visitors to sit and have a quiet moment. –
Monument Health

“I love all nine of my wind sculptures and get constant compliments on them.  I’ve just had to get used to strangers walking through my yard.” – Sally Chaytor


My husband & I visited Sedona in 2018 falling in love with these Mark White wind sculptures.  During our visit, my husbands mom passed away and we thought what a beautiful sculpture to purchase in her memory.  It was the Jellyfish.  This past June, my mother passed away and we knew right away a 2nd  Mark White wind sculpture would be the perfect way to remember her as well.  We purchased the Iris 3 in her memory. We love that they compliment one another by spinning in opposite directions.  The Jellyfish downwards and the Iris upwards.  We can see both from many locations in our home and love the fact they spin with the smallest amount of breeze.  I want you to know how much these beautiful sculptures mean to us.  Their beauty makes us smile every day. Thank you, Kit & Bob Simpson

Dear Mark, Just wanted to say thank you for our new Blooming Lilly 2.  It is beautiful. Following the instructions for installation made the process a breeze. We have two of your other pieces and combined, all three, bring a sense of tranquility and peace to our modest backyard. Warmest regards, Chris & Cindy Hall


I received the wind sculpture in time for Christmas, and my husband was more than thrilled!!! It is mesmerizing! – Paula Roever


My husband and I ordered this beautiful sculpture in Verdigris as a Christmas gift to ourselves! It arrived one day before Christmas Eve and has been joyfully spinning ever since. We are spending so much time in our backyard this year and the Iris sculpture really increases our enjoyment of it. Thank you! -Constance Kirk, San Antonio, TX

My wind sculpture is beautiful! So finely crafted and perfect for my space!  Thank you so much.  Best wishes to you!  With sincere appreciation, Elizabeth Brown


Just a note to say that our Iris Kinetic Sculpture arrived today, my wife was completely surprised and was ecstatic. It is visible from her reading chair in the family room as it spins above the wild violet beds beneath it and the elderberry bushes behind. We can’t wait to see it in the snow tomorrow! Thank you…it is gorgeous!” – Don Wise

Enjoying your art – Winter in Idaho – Anonymous, Iris in Bronze

Spins beautifully even in light wind… George, Fort Collins

“We fell in love with the shadow of this sculpture on the sandy desert in Tubac.  It stands in our front yard in Fairbanks, Alaska.  We are almost mesmerized daily by the intricate patterns in the sculpture itself, and the shadows that move across the yard.  It’s one of our more visible links to the South West, to which we return every couple of years.” – Ken Kokjer

We EASILY installed the 2 wind sculptures we received from you, and have moved them around a bit to catch the wind the best and can be seen from the kitchen.  LOVE THEM  thank you! – Nancy Winship-Poole

“We love the Trancer. It got us through Covid. Just sit on our deck and watched it twirl. We have spent many evenings enjoying the Trancer. And golfers enjoy it as they play the golf course.”

My wife (and I) is thrilled with your true piece of art—thank you so much for your assistance and support! It is beautiful. We love it. Our best wishes to you and your family and associates. – Ray

“Thank you!” – Paul T., Boston, Massachusetts [shown here: Blooming Lily 3 in verdigris patina]

“We have had calm winds but the breeze seems to be picking up now and I have enjoyed watching the different parts of the Passion Flower turn – and the bronze looks really nice against the green background!” – Sarah T., San Diego, California

Thank you for the Iris 2, from all of us at the Baldwin Community Garden! – Rita C., Baldwin, NY

A gorgeous arrangement of wind sculptures in central New Mexico.

“Ms. Kreeger thought you might like to receive the attached photos of your beautiful Blooming Lily 3; we had a lovely 20th Anniversary Celebration on June 1st and our guests were able to enjoy your outdoor sculpture.” – Helen with the Kreeger Museum, Washington, D.C.

“Just wanted to thank you again and let you know I am enjoying my Orb 6 sculpture very much.” – Jose M., Mexico City, Mexico

“Here’s our Trancer, assembled and working great. We love it!!! Thanks again.” Harry & Anna S., Prescott, Arizona

“As you can see, on the day Jim took the pictures a sulphur-crested cockatoo was visiting the garden. We are delighted on a daily basis by your amazing work and proudly tell visitors of your wonderful studio in Santa Fe. Many thanks for sending the Trancer sculpture all the way to Australia!” – Jim & Christine, Brisbane, Australia

“Wonderful!” – Jack W., San Juan Islands, Washington