Thank you Mark White for the superb packing job you all did to ship me my second Poppy Bud! – L.R., Texas

Outdoor Kinetic Wind Sculpture
Orb 12 Orange Fusion

Truly stunning couple of images, from – Sarah & Mark, Colorado [Orb 12 – 42″ size in Fuchsia – Orange Fusion]

A stunning Indigo-Teal Fusion Spiral Sphere installed for a client in Southern California

42'Trancer in Fuchsia Orange Fusion

Looks great and we are enjoying it! – Julie W., Houston, TX [42″Trancer in Fuchsia Orange Fusion]

Poppy Bud in Verdigris

Thank you! – Lynda R., El Paso, TX [Poppy Bud in Verdigris]

Kinetic Yard Sculptures

Thanks for rushing the shipment to New Jersey. Installation was actually pretty easy – Everyone that has seen them seems to really like it. – Seth F., New Jersey

Passion Flower wind sculpture

Just installed our Passion Flower wind sculpture. The installation was easy! We love it. Thanks so much. – Bert C., Colorado Springs, CO

Blooming Lily 2 sculpture1

Our Blooming Lily 2 elegantly complements this private pool – from a client in rural Germany!

Orange Fusion Jellyfish sculpture

Here are a couple photos of our Indigo to Orange FusionJellyfish sculpture; we can see it from several rooms in our home…on days with the slightest breeze it sits beautifully, and with the 50mph winds we experienced yesterday it looks very much like a jellyfish swimming along! We are very pleased.”- Marlene N., Las Cruces, New Mexico

Blooming Lily 2 sculpture1

“A breath of fresh air on a snowy, cold Alberta morning. We just love our Blooming Lily 2 sculpture…thanks so much!” – Doug & Maureen B., Alberta, Canada

Installed the Iris 3 Bud Top sculpture

“Installed the Iris 3 Bud Top sculpture today and it’s perfect in the side garden off my patio….Thanks to Mark for a lovely design and the colors are perfect!” – Louise J., New Orleans, Louisiana

Flame 3 in Red color patina

“Everything we anticipated!” – Lorna & Tim R., Dallas, Texas [shown here: a Flame 3 in Red color patina]

“Dear Mr. White, Just wanted to tell you how much we have enjoyed your work over the years. We bought our sculpture 15 years ago and recently took it with us to the retirement home we moved into two years ago – Everyone who has seen it comments on how beautiful it is. Thank you!”

– Don R., Denver, Colorado

Orb 6 sculpture1

“Just wanted to thank you again and let you know I am enjoying my Orb 6sculpture very much.” – Jose M., Mexico City, Mexico

Installed the Orb 6

“Installed the Orb 6 – it looks great! Thanks” John G., Dallas, Texas

“We were in Santa Fe this past August for the month. All over town we say your wonderful ‘art in motion’ sculptures. We had to have one. We have a small Iris is stainless steel which is located just outside our back screen porch overlooking a golf course and water in Florida. Our guests have found it fascinating. Thank you for creating such a unique ‘windmill’!”

– Elizabeth and Art N., Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Iris 6 blade sculpture

“Love our Iris 6 blade sculpture!” – Nancy M., Little Rock, Arkansas

Blooming Lily 3 in verdigris patina

“Thank you!” – Paul T., Boston, Massachusetts [shown here: Blooming Lily 3 in verdigris patina]

Awesome wind sculptures

“Love our wind sculptures and they get so many compliments!” – Dick & Helen H., Prescott, Arizona

“We have had calm winds but the breeze seems to be picking up now and I have enjoyed watching the different parts of the Passion Flower turn – and the bronze looks really nice against the green background!” – Sarah T., San Diego, California

new Iris 6 sculpture

“Here’s some shots of my new Iris 6. Love it. Now all I need is wind…trying to teach the dog how to blow on it but it’s a no-go so far.” – Ned T., Northern Virginia

Copper dancer by Mark White

“We purchased this copper dancer by Mark White about 20 years ago – now it is at our niece’s house and she is absolutely thrilled!” – Alice D., Topeka, Kansas

wind sculpture

On Easter morning we had these two moose in our yard admiring our wind sculpture…even our wildlife admire Mark’s art! – Jeff in Colorado

stainless steel Orb 12

A stainless steel Orb 12 installed in Northeast Florida.

Monumental Blooming Lily 3

Sculpture looks great! – Sheryl M., California [Monumental Blooming Lily 3 in Indigo to Teal Fusion]

Iris 6 Sculptures Sale

Enjoying your art – Winter in Idaho – Anonymous [Iris 6 in in Bronze]

Water Ripples 6 sculpture

We finished the installation of our sculpture and wanted to tell Mark how much we love it! You really made this purchase an easy one and were terrific to deal with in every way. – Steve & Linda, Long Island, NY [Water Ripples 6 in Verdigris]

Kinetic Wind Art

We installed our sculpture and we love it. Perfect size, perfect color! – Bobbi O., California [Passion Flower in Orange Fusion]

Counter-Revolving Iris

Thank you for the Counter-Revolving Iris, from all of us at the Baldwin Community Garden! – Rita C., Baldwin, NY

Iris 6 Sculptures

The Iris 6 is awesome. It is perfect for my garden. It brings all the other elements into harmony and since we almost always have wind it is constantly in motion–sometimes gentle, sometimes lively. – Charlotte C., San Francisco, CA

Gorgeous arrangement of wind sculptures

A gorgeous arrangement of wind sculptures in central New Mexico.

Mark White’s Spiral Sphere

A stunning installation in South Florida showcasing Mark White’s Spiral Sphere in Bronze color patina

Blooming Lily 2 sculpture

“Please let Mark know how pleased we are with our Blooming Lily 2 sculpture! Everyone who sees it really thinks it is lovely and graceful!” – Linda Wong, Long Beach, CA

Beautiful Blooming Lily 3

“Ms. Kreeger thought you might like to receive the attached photos of your beautiful Blooming Lily 3; we had a lovely 20th Anniversary Celebration on June 1st and our guests were able to enjoy your outdoor sculpture.” – Helen with the Kreeger Museum, Washington, D.C.

Kinetic Art Sculptures Sale
Kinetic DNA sculpture

“We dedicated the red Kinetic DNA sculpture yesterday. It is wonderful and the recipient and everyone who has seen it loves it!” – Jim B., Charlotte, North Carolina

Kinetic Wind Sculpture Arts

“I have been waiting for a good sunset to share a picture and last night was certainly very good!” – Larry F., Littleton, Colorado

Blooming Lily 3 Sculptures

“Could not be more pleased with our gorgeous Blooming Lily 3!!!”– Robert B., Lamy, New Mexico

Orb 6 sculpture

“Just wanted to thank you again and let you know I am enjoying my Orb 6sculpture very much.” – Jose M., Mexico City, Mexico

The Boyers with their Blooming Lily 2 (and an adorable pup!) – Corrales, New Mexico

Jellyfish Sculptures

“Love our Jellyfish!”, Mike & Miranda L., Draper, Utah

Trancer sculpture1

“Here’s our Trancer, assembled and working great. We love it!!! Thanks again.” Harry & Anna S., Prescott, Arizona

Orb 6 sculpture

“We love our Orb 6, it looks great on the ranch!” – Ron P., Fort Laramie, Wyoming

Trancer sculpture

“As you can see, on the day Jim took the pictures a sulphur-crested cockatoo was visiting the garden.

We are delighted on a daily basis by your amazing work and proudly tell visitors of your wonderful studio in Santa Fe.

Many thanks for sending the Trancer sculpture all the way to Australia!” – Jim & Christine, Brisbane, Australia

Wind Art Sculptures

“Wonderful!” – Jack W., San Juan Islands, Washington

New Orb 6 sculpture

“We received our new Orb 6 sculpture in Fuchsia/Orange Fusion and are very pleased. The quality is excellent and the install was easy. Thanks!” – Gary & Mary B., Palm Desert, California

Blooming Lily 3

“While on our honeymoon last February, my husband and I purchased a Blooming Lily 3 wind sculpture from Mark’s Santa Fe gallery. It’s a gorgeous accent for our Rocky Mountain view.” – Cheryl C., Boulder, Colorado