Picking Between a Garden Statue and a Garden Sculpture

To be honest, it can seem like a statue is a synonym for sculpture and vice-versa. Picking one for your garden doesn’t have to be all too complicated. While it isn’t, the two are pretty different entities and can change the look of your yard entirely. 


They are both similar in becoming the piece de resistance of a whole garden but have specific qualities that are different from each other. If you’re trying to decide what to get for your property with few clues about what you actually want, don’t worry! Keep reading to find out the differences between a garden statue and a garden sculpture.




Both are considered as a form of art. There are even many cases where they can share the same material, considering that statues are made of stones just like sculptures. However, that’s where we find our first point of contrast; statues are primarily made from stone and resin, while sculptures can be created from wood, iron, aluminum, glass, resin, and more. 


The object being molded by an artist can be different too. Statues are traditionally depicting a person or an animal of some sort. Most garden statues may depict baby angels, a young girl, or a strong warrior. These recreations can vary in appearance as they can be very particular to the subject they’re supposed to be portraying. 


Sculptors can be much more different in their approach to the materials, creating abstract creations that only loosely resemble something or symbolize a certain concept. It can be much more artistic in the sense that it can challenge creativity. Sculptures cause people to think and ask questions rather than just to admire their beauty right away. 




The budget should always be considered when it comes to new additions to the home. It’s essential to keep in mind that artistic talent and materials are both not cheap, deserving the right amount of compensation. An expensive piece will also mean that the garden statue or sculpture is of high quality and is relatively durable.


Brand-new pieces can vary in the price tag that comes along with them. The material needed for sculptures is much pricier compared to the things for statues. However, they may be able to handle better weather conditions and prove to be more durable depending on the workmanship that went into them. 




Choosing between a garden statue and sculpture can normally come down to art preferences and tastes. When the goal is to simply have something gorgeous on your property, settle for statues. If you want something more ambiguous and alluring as the centerpiece of your garden, sculptures are definitely the way to go. 




Of course, aside from the decor, the settings should also be checked. Is there a huge space that will allow the piece of art to flourish? Will the material of your statue or sculpture go well with the rest of the garden? Should the statue or the sculpture blend in with the garden, or should it stand out more?




In this modern day and age, sculptures seem more appealing than the stone statues from medieval times. As mentioned above, it can come down to a homeowner’s preferences when choosing between the two garden figures.


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