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Before You Buy a Garden Sculpture: 3 Things to Consider

Giving your garden a new look depends on two features: your organic and non-organic elements. It’s generally best to strike a balance between the two to ensure that you’re not overcrowding your lawn. Doing so allows you to diversify the different focal points of your garden.

Besides the standard rigid lines of decks and patios, many landscapers find ways to generate visual interest through dynamic shapes and garden statues. It can be anything from a typical lawn gnome to an abstract art structure. Like any addition to your garden, you should consider a few variables to see if a prospective purchase is a good fit to complement your garden’s look.

Bringing different layers to your garden

There are many perks in utilizing your garden to improve your home’s appeal. It can inspire other neighbors to do the same, creating a domino effect of refurbishing your community. Additionally, your home’s property value can increase due to your beautification efforts. These benefits will only apply to your lawn if you know how to compose it coherently. For this reason, you must know the proper way to select its different elements, from your choice of plants to sculptures.

Before you purchase a garden statue, here are three things you should consider:

1. Sculpture type

A sculpture can be made from clay, metal, wood, stone, and other organic or composite material representing an idea, person, or other objects. Contrary to popular belief, a garden statue doesn’t exactly have to be a person or a figure of a character. You can pick from a selection of sculpture types that range from chess pieces to amorphous blobs. Generally, the material you choose should be complementary to your garden’s style and create a contrast with your garden’s greenery.

2. Garden compatibility

Your garden’s overarching style will depend on the type of sculptures you should pick. For example, a zen-themed garden should focus on wooden and marble elements instead of vinyl or metallic structures. On the other hand, gardens that want a more chic-like feel should go for clay-based statues and utilize small bodies of water like ponds and fountains.

If you’re starting from scratch, you’ll have more freedom on what sculptures you can purchase. However, it may be easier to complement a pre-existing garden motif to limit your buying options right away.

3. Current and future greenery

Installing a garden sculpture is more than just setting a freestanding structure to your lawn. There are plenty of variables you must consider, especially if you’ve purchased a relatively large sculpture. Since most garden sculptures are fixed permanently to their spots, you’ll need to consider how it affects the placement of surrounding plants.

The plants surrounding your garden sculpture can breathe life to its colors, especially if you choose contrasting colors. Remember to pick your plants according to their flowering seasons, especially during festive holidays. Besides the color options, the height and texture of the plants you select will also highlight your garden sculpture’s impact. You may need to trim leaves and ferns when necessary to avoid obstructing your sculpture’s visibility.


Beyond all the potential benefits of beautifying your garden, remember that its outcome will be for your own joy and pleasure. After all, you’ll be the person who’ll see it the most and utilize its different features. This is why every furnishing decision you make should be a personal one that offers a unique look to your humble abode.

Expressing your individuality means thinking outside the box and discovering your inner tastes. Mark White’s artworks highlight the sense of movement through the metallic motion of his unique decorative pieces. If you want to add a sense of flair to your lawn with an artistic garden sculpture, contact our store in Santa Fe today!

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