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Displaying Sculptures at Home: Some Helpful Decoration Tips

Adding different kinds of art can make a house a true home. The only thing that might discourage people from experimenting with their designs is the fear of creating eyesores instead of visual spectacles. This fear is more prevalent when it comes to fine art, like paintings and sculptures. These types of artworks indeed can make the house feel more sophisticated and classy—if the right pieces are chosen. 


Experimenting with your home decorations should not be limiting. Here are some things to remember when fixing modern fine art elements into a house:


Displaying in the Living Room


The living room is where many home displays are found, so do not hesitate to choose pieces that are great conversation starters. Finding the proper placement is also something to consider. 


You would want to highlight sculptures and other special artworks, so you want them placed somewhere to draw eyes to that area. Placing them on top of a coffee table would be a great way to display them if they are small enough. 


However, note that they do not always have to be the centerpiece all the time. They can also blend perfectly with a bookshelf in one corner of the room. Determine your purpose for the artwork first before you spot space for it in your home. 


On Arrangement


Should you choose to designate modern fine art sculptures as the centerpiece of your coffee table, you will need to arrange it well. For example, surrounding it with smaller displays could make it be the highlight of the table display again. However, if you want to blend it well with the place, you can add something next to it for balance.


On Use of Tall and Narrow Sculptures


The most common sculptures are those in a tall and narrow shape, yet people avoid getting them as a home display for the same reason. They should not be intimidated by these sculptures, though. Instead, these should be used as pieces that also add height in the area.


If you believe the room needs to look a bit taller than it seems, tall and narrow sculptures can do the job. Be mindful of the difference between the height of the sculpture and the room’s ceiling. There should still be a balance between the two. A high ceiling deserves a bigger and taller structure, while the same sculpture would not look too good in a cramped space.




Adding a sculpture is a great way to express personal style at home. Gone are the days when such sculptures were only found and admired in museums or art galleries. Now, people do not have to be afraid to add sculptures to their interior design. Allow it so your room can become a more beautiful and meaningful space in your house. Choose the right one that would blend nicely with your home. That is how you make a sculpture part of your living space. 

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